HONGDU has set up a perfect quality system according to National Standard GB/T19001-1994 idt ISO 9001:1994, Quality Systems-Mode for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing, which was certified by China National New Era Quality System Authentication Center in 1997. Most of the companies under HONGDU have been certified for ISO 9000 quaity system.

Based on the standards GB/T19022-1 idt ISO 10012-1, Quality Assurance Requirements of Measurement Equipment and GB/T15481, General Requirements of Calibrating and Testing Ability of Laboratory, HONGDU has set up a metering calibration laboratory, a metering calibration system and a physical-chemical test center. HONGDU possesses advanced quality analysis and test equipment imported from foreign countries such as infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, scanning electronic microscope (0.2 million times), X-ray spectrum analyzer, full spectrum plasma direct-reading spectrograph, image analyzer, AMRAY-1000B scanning electronic microscope, inductive coupling plasma emission spectrograph (ICP), vacuum direct-reading spectrograph and DEA2205 three-axis measuring machine.

DEA 2005 3-axis measuring machine
Inductive coupling plasma emission spectrograph(ICP)
Microtechmic projector
Vacuum direct-reading spectrograph



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