Hongdu Group

HONGDU,with abundant technical personnel in scientific research and development, has establised on Enterprise Technical Center covering the scientific research organizations such as Aircraft Design Institute, Missile Design Institute, Workmanship Research Institute, Motorcycle Engineering Institute and Textile Machinery Design Institute and a Postdoctorate Scientific Research Work Station, and set up laboratories on considerable scale for strength, fuel, hydraulic, electrical, electronic integration, fire control, flight control and emulation tests, and a gov-ernment-designated Motorcycle Test Center. The computer technology has been widely used in HONGDU for scientific research, production and operating management, and FDDI computer network has covered main units and been utilized for on-line design and processing in separate places for each institute and CNC machining center, which has sped up information management in HONGDU and improved production, management and decision-making efficiency. At present, HONGDU has 5600 technical staffs of various specialities, among which about 90 persons have research fellow professional title and over 900 persons have senior positional title.

Vibration test for K8 trainer
Test bench for aircraft fuel system
Electromagnetic compatibility test station


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